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Placenta Previa And Premature detachment of the placenta: Bleeding in pregnancy

Placenta previa and premature detachment of the placenta causes of bleeding in pregnancy

Vag*nal bleeding during pregnancy is a sign that may indicate that the
pregnancy is not developing normally. Therefore, offer reasons why two of the main causes of bleeding occur: placenta previa and placenta Abruption.

What is the placenta Abruption?

During pregnancy, the placenta is firmly attached to the wall of the uterus, through which the baby receives all the nutrients and oxygen necessary for normal growth and development, as well as waste are also deleted as the carbon dioxide and toxic substances that when born were eliminated through feces and urine.

Placenta Previa

The Placental Abruption occurs when this is separated from the
wall of the uterus before the baby is born and can be partial or total.

What are the causes of premature detachment of the placenta?

In general, the Placental Abruption usually occur when the mother suffers a blow in the stomach area, either by a fall, an accident or a physical assault.

What is does to treat placenta detachment?

  1. In cases of partial the doctor observed the condition in which the mother is to determine how much blood he lost because of the Placental Abruption and determine if you can continue the pregnancy
  2. It will be a monitoring constantly to find out if the baby is getting theenough oxygen
  3. In some cases of partial and in all cases of detachmentpremature total placenta, the physician must be a cesarean of emergency it more soon possible because it endangered the life of the baby and the mother.

What is placenta previa?

Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta is implanted in the lower part of the uterus, so it covers totally or partially the opening to the cervix.

How is it diagnosed?

Placenta previa is diagnosed when the mother is being examined with the ultrasonography in prenatal care appointments. If you want Line Android on your smartphone, you will only have to download it, something easy to have the phone you have. Usually, this condition is usually detected around week 19-20 of pregnancy.

Placenta praevia grades are:

First grade: the placenta is at the bottom of the uterus, to less than three centimeters, but does not reach the internal orifice of cervix

Second grade: the placenta comes up to the opening of the cervix but does not cover it

Third degree: the placenta covers part of the cervix

Fourth grade: the placenta is located in the central part of the cervix

When a vaginal birth can be or should be used to a c-section?

If placenta previa is of first or second degree, the baby could be born vag*nally if the doctor seems suitable. But mothers who have placenta praevia higher than third grade (Occlusive Centre), must have a baby through a cesarean section.

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy At Third Trimester

At the third trimester of the pregnancy, weight of pregnant women will increase in 10 or 12 kg approximately, distributed in the following way: the fetus will have 3,500 grams; the placenta, interstitial fluid and blood volume added 1,200 or 1,800 grams; breast growth will be 400 grams and other 1640 grams will be maternal adipose tissue.

It is not of measures fixed. These will vary depending on the physical, stature and the diet of every pregnant woman. The health check will determine what is the best food and energy.

It is not recommended that you do comment if "you should eat for two", simply because being overweight won't help you to be healthy and to take care of your child is not essential to ingest large amounts of food, but eat what is needed for their proper development.

Healty Diet During Pregnancy

Eating during pregnancy is related to problems of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, blood circulation disorders, not to mention the complications that can occur during childbirth and how difficult that can be back to your old figure in post-partum.

Avoids the extremes, nor wealth, nor lack are recommended. If slim-line below five kgs you can limit the natural growth of the fetus. As there is a unique food that summarizes all the nutrients and calories you need, you have to work yourself to meet a varied regime (FAT, carbohydrates and proteins), in moderation. Your new plan will be to increase the number of meals you do, without increasing the amount of what you consume. In other words, it is advisable that you feed three or five times a day, so you feel satisfied and no desire to kill the hunger with products out of your diet.

Leisurely breakfast with bread, spread with margarine and cheese, yogurt, juice or chopped slices of your favorite fruit. Retrieves the custom of snack and full lunch, so prevent you to dinner with a voracious appetite and will keep your body well supplied during the day. You drink two liters of water daily and includes a minimum of three servings of dairy products or substitutes manufactured based plants enriched with protein and calcium in your meals. Fats are also essential and must not delete them, unless medical prescription. This is the case of the milk fat, vegetable oils and which provide blue fish.

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Towards the third month of pregnancy, they tend to be very recurrent cravings. Women do not know how to control those urgent desires to swallow up to the most unusual food. These whims respond to needs of the body, caused by the hormones of the pancreas that drive to eat that what is lacking. What matters is not the food itself, but the chemical composition of the product. When you have a craving, check the product label to see what ingredients and think how you can replace it with another food that are within your diet.

Acidic fruits (Orange, passion fruit, pineapple, lemons and grapefruit), pickles (cucumbers, onions) and the tomato are interchangeable. If you cause you something salty, replace it with a salad, fish, seafood and nuts. But if it's spicy, watercress, peppers, beets and Red radishes are best.

With a little will and creativity, you can dress the food that displease you, seeks alternative sources of nutrients, and creates dishes to the eye and the palate, in order to enjoy any menu by simple as it may seem.

Don't be affraid to scale

It is not essential that you weigh every day to find out how many grams have more than before. That may depress you. You can choose to do it once a month or when you go to your appointment with your doctor. When the time to weigh yourself do it always with the same scale, preferably in the morning, in fasting and without clothes, so do not be surprised the volume of your body. Some women think that to get fat are less attractive, without thinking that these ideas are only in their heads. For the rest of the people, pregnant women are wonderful human beings who await a new Member of the community.

Motherhood is a moment in the life of a woman and no one can take away that pleasure, so large, to stay and feel a baby in the womb. Look at the other mammals, perhaps you think that females are unpleasant for being pregnant. The reality is that they inspire a great tenderness and are always protected by the rest of the herd, precisely because of them depends on the survival of the species. The appearance is not so important, as the mission that has given the nature

Third Trimester Of Pregnancy: Doctor Visits

During period the Third Trimester Of Pregnancy, you will be more frequent controls. Pregnancy controls are now fortnightly and weekly for the last month.

Your doctor will continue to monitor your blood pressure and weight, as well as the activities and movements of the fetus, will continue measuring the size of your uterus and ask you about any symptoms that you may be having.

There are many tests that your doctor can practice to observe the health and well-being of your baby, as for example the ultrasonographies, the monitoring of the fetal heartbeat and certain laboratory tests. Frequent controls of your urine and blood pressure will be made and will be watched his hands and feet to detect any increasein volume. From 36 weeks until delivery, control will be weekly.

Biophysical Profile

The biophysical profile is a test in which points are allocated to measures ormovements of the baby are observed during an ultrasound examination. It has five components, each one has a value of up to 2 points, which are added up to a total of 10 points at the end. It is performed to determine is the fetus, to lowest score worse prognosis.

The components of the test are as follows:
  • A monitoring fetal not stressful.
  • Observation of movements of the trunk of the baby.
  • Observation of the muscle tone of the baby (baby watching extend your arms or leg sand back towards the body).
  • The observation of the baby's breathing movements (although the baby is not really breathing inside the uterus, can be seen movements in the fetal thorax).
  • The measure of the amount of amniotic fluid in the bag that surrounds the baby.
  • The sum of the total score will give an idea to your doctor of the overall well-being ofyour baby.


When your due date this close, your doctor will check the position of the baby. As well as they can also perform a v*ginal exam to check the dilation of the cervix as during period the Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Referred to as hypertension to the excessive increase in high blood pressure During pregnancy in artery, it may happen that mother present problems of high blood pressure, which can occur in different types, so it is recommended that mother take the voltage every month when it has reached the second trimester of pregnancy.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood on the wall of the blood vessels of the body.

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

What are the types of hypertension that may occur in pregnancy?

• Chronic hypertension

This hypertension develops until the mother reaches the 20th week of pregnancy or may even be present before conception. This type of hypertension does not disappear after childbirth.

• Transient or gestational hypertension

This type of hypertension occurs on the third trimester of pregnancy, its intensity varies depending on each patient, there is no existence of protein in the urine.Gestational or transient hypertension disappears after childbirth automatically.

• Preeclampsia

This type of high blood pressure, also known as toxemia, can bring serious health problems for the mother and baby if you don't receive the proper treatment. Preeclampsia develops after the 20th week of pregnancy, the patient presents protein in the urine and disappears after childbirth.

What are the risk factors for pre-eclampsia?
  • Women who have any or some of the following characteristics have one higher risk ofpre-eclampsia:
  1. Diabetes
  2. Obesity
  3. A history of pre-eclampsia
  4. Chronic hypertension
  5. Renal disease
You should see a doctor if you have any or some of these symptoms:
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Vision of black 
  • spotsIntolerance to light
  • DrowsinessPersistent 
  • nauseaDecreased 
  • fetal activity
  • Blood pressure equal to or greater than 140/90 mm Hg

Methods For Relieving Pain In Labour Without Medicine

Almost all women experience pain during childbirth, but as every woman is different,answer to this pain manifests it self in different ways. Forms most frequent of pain relief during labor

Methods for relieving pain in labour without medicine

Methods that do not use products is usually pharmacological are some effective natural methods but others whose effectiveness has not yet been established by any study. They should go through a process of review and medical analysis.

Relieving Pain In Labour

  • Body for expansion, labour and birth positions:
Women should be offered the possibility of adopting the stance she preferred, which means that it does not have to be necessarily lying in bed and that you can stand, sit or walk, especially in the phase of expansion.

Position will assume for the birth will depend on each woman and the doctor that treats it. Several studies suggest that a vertical or lateral position during the second stage of labour offers many advantages over the dorsal position,including less pain.
  • Pain relief taking a shower or a bath, is effective in many women.
  • Breathing techniques, relaxation, away from the attention of pain. Often used incombination with others such as hypnosis, music, etc.
  • Relief of the pain of childbirth through lumbar massage:
During labor, many women feel better if they are touched, caressed or massaged,since as a source of contra estimulacion, touch and massage can relieve pain.

The massage consists of applying pressure, using the fist, the heel of the hand, or two hands, with firm, circular movements in the lower back during contractions to relaxmuscles.

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. (TENS):
Method by which is that they activate peripheral sensory receptors, but their effectiveness has not been demonstrated in work serious scientists.
  • Other techniques: use of heat and cold surface, acupuncture, immersion in water,use of herbs and aromatherapy fragrances, etc.

Pharmacological methods of pain relief

The pharmacological pain relief has been gaining many followers especially in the artos attended by doctors. Its effect ara mothers pain relief has been investigated inseveral clinical studies and well documented its effectiveness but may be accompanied by side effects to the baby
  • Dr*gs: the opiate alkaloids such as m*rphine, derivatives of phenothiazine (promethazine), and other pain relievers.

Inhalation of anesthetic agents is used in some countries (the most common is with50% oxygen-nitrous oxide).
  • Epidural analgesia: is the most used during childbirth. Provides a better and longer lasting control of pain, but it is necessary that childbirth is treated at a well-equipped hospital, the anesthesiologist must be constantly available and the woman must have continuous monitoring.

Exercise During Pregnancy Reduces C-Sections

Exercise during pregnancy, there are two types of mother: ones, they prefer to relax and unwind during pregnancy without doing any kind of physical activity, while others opt for the option of performing an exercise routine to obtain multiple benefits offering physical activity during pregnancy.

Does exercise reduce Caesareans?

Specialists have found, if a pregnant woman do Exercise during pregnancy, among the multiple benefits, prenatal exercise reduces the risk of the mother must undergo a cesarean section.

Why is it good to do exercise?
Exercise During Pregnancy
As well as reduce the chance of being forced to undergo a caesarean section to give birth, prenatal exercise offers other benefits for the mother. Among them, is the reduction of the symptoms of pregnancy, such as constipation, acidity, etc. In addition, physical activity during pregnancy prepares the muscles involved in childbirth, so the mother can have a process of childbirth much easier than a person who has not made prenatal exercise.

Specialists have determined that the mothers who exercise during pregnancy sufferless stress, anxiety and pain in general.

It is important to highlight that prenatal exercise should be of low impact and should not last long. If a mother carries out a routine of 30 minutes a day, will ensure that itis working very well for your body during pregnancy.

Remember that gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable and completely normal. However, to not gain weight excessively, it is best incorporate an exercise routine into your day to day to control weight gain and have a much more healthy pregnancy

What exercises do?

Not all exercises are good for pregnancy, since some are high impact or put them other at risk for falls or blows. For this reason, specialists recommend mother to choose from the following activities:

• Swimming
• Prenatal yoga
• Pilates
• Walking

Do take classes?

If you are prenatal exerciser, it must do so with a trainer specializing in pregnan twomen. Only in this way will ensure to be in good hands and that the exercise be carried out is suitable for women in State. In addition, a well educated person in this field will give you all the necessary information about breathing, how to use it and how to relieve the pain of childbirth through breathing. That will help you a lot for the third trimester of pregnancy and the time of delivery

When to call the doctor?

Before performing any type of exercise during pregnancy, consult your doctor so that it adopted the physical activity. This is very important, since many mothers cannot be prenatal exercise because they present a high risk pregnancy.

In addition, it must be very attentive to all his signs. If you suffer from pain or bleeding in pregnancy, during or after exercise, stop taking them and consult your doctor immediately. Bleeding and pain during pregnancy are a sign of preterm laboror spontaneous abortion.

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy, it is very important that the mother is very attentive to all products and food consumed, as well as activities. For this reason, we offer a list of things that should be avoided during pregnancy to eliminate or reduce the risks of any complication.

Can medications be taken during pregnancy?

Generally, mothers are often described as harmless medications consumed most often, However, all these medications can put at risk the health of the baby and they should be avoided during pregnancy.

It is therefore of utmost importance that mother to refrain from consuming any type of medication during pregnancy without prior authorization from the physician, since they can be harmful to the baby.

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy

What foods should you avoid?

• Sushi
• Fish sword, shark and mackerel, since these tend to contain high levels of mercury that may seriously affect the baby's health
• Unpasteurized products
• Caffeine
• Foods that are not thoroughly cooked
• Alc*h*lic beverages may not be consumed in pregnancy, since they can cause the baby a myriad of health problems, including Fetal Alc*h*l Syndrome
• Soft cheeses

What exercises should not be done in pregnancy?

While physical activity can be very beneficial for the health of mother and baby during pregnancy, it is very important that the mother to refrain from performing the exercises presented below, since they can endanger the well-being of the baby.

• Any sporting activity of high impact
• Any exercise that mother should be leaning on your back

It is important for the mother to check with your doctor before starting any physical activity. In addition, you should stop exercising if you experience severe headache,pain in the chest, vaginal bleeding, back pain, loss of amniotic fluid, uterinecontractions or reduction of fetal movements.

Can I have s*x during pregnancy?
The couple can have s*x if the doctor has not indicated otherwise.
However, call your doctor immediately if you experience pain, bleeding or loss of amniotic fluid.

Is it convenient to be in contact with animals in pregnancy?

If the mother has a bird or a cat in your environment, you should avoid to clean the sand box or cage with daily waste, could contract diseases and harm health and the baby's development.

What about overheating?

Any activity that puts the body temperature more than 38.5 degrees should be avoided. For this reason, saunas, hot tubs and high-impact physical activities should be avoided in pregnancy, because that can put in danger the health of the baby and causing birth defects.

Experts say that the mother should not stay more than 10 minutes in warm water, as well as avoid hot tubs, hot baths and exercise when there are high temperatures in the environment.

What's with the bad habits?

The mother should refrain to have any harmful habits during pregnancy.
This includes any type of dr*gs, c*gar*ttes, or alc*h*l consumption, since any dose of these products can affect serious and irreversibly the health of the baby.

If the mother has one of these habits, you should consult your doctor
immediately so that you receive the necessary aid and the baby is not impaired.

Which products can be harmful?

• Do not mix ammonia with chlorine, since gas which emits this mixture can be deadly
• Avoid exposure to lead
• Avoid exposure to the gases emitted by paint removers
• In case of need painting, done in an open and airy space
• Avoid exposure to insecticides or herbicides
• If you can avoid doing so, make sure color with dyes without ammonia, in an open space, and that the product is not in contact with the scalp. If you want a natural dye,henna can be an excellent choice for dyeing hair during pregnancy

Psychological Emotional: Second and Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

From the second trimester of pregnancy, the mother develops a sense of well-being since your body has adjusted to the hormonal changes and the initial discomfort of pregnancy emotional have decreased considerably. For this stage, mother has adapted to the pros and cons that accompany your pregnancy, so her fears have also decreased.

Psychological Emotional: Second and Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

How does mother feel during the second quarter?

  • The mother can feel the baby's movements, so identify and accept the pregnancy makes it much easier.
  • She begins to develop a deep interest in the baby's growth and development.
  • The mother may tend to focus on herself and the baby, worrying greatly about their own needs, feelings and thoughts.
  • They begin to bloom interests by the process of childbirth. It is common that enroll inprenatal classes and read books about it.
  • The mother may have mood swings, so it can be happy or sad without any apparent reason.
An increase of interest in ... by the mother, can occur since fears with regard to hurt a baby are gone.

What reactions occur in the third trimester of pregnancy?
  • The mother can have an altered image of itself. I.e., can pass to feel beautiful, to beugly or unattractive, etc.
  • Concerns can enhance their future as a mother, about the safety, health and wellness, both she and the baby.
  • It can deepen the fears about birth
  • You can get depressed by the things that you cannot do by itself
  • He tires easily

Massage To Relieve Symptoms During Pregnancy

Massage To relieve Symptoms During pregnancy, the mother suffers a series of physical and hormonal changes that cause a number of symptoms that vary in intensity and frequency depending on each patient. Through out the nine months of waiting, many mothers tend to suffer ailments due to these changes and, sometimes, it is difficult to find relief for them.

It is then when appears complementary alternative medicine (CAM), which has become increasingly popular in recent years as a method of relief to various discomforts. In the case of pregnant women, some of these techniques may be useful to relieve certain symptoms of pregnancy.

What complementary medicine techniques?

Alternative complementary medicine techniques include:
  • Chiropractic medicine
Chiropractic medicine is a therapy that enhances the ability of the body to heal it self only through the manipulation of the spine and other joints by a specialist.

In the case of pregnant women, this method can serve very helpful to relieve nausea and back pain.

  • Reflexology
Reflexology is a complementary alternative medicine where a specialist applied pressure on specific areas of the hands and ears to relieve aches.

In recent years, reflexology has been applied to stimulate the expansion and reduce the pain that they produce contractions during labor in pregnant women.

  • Massage
Massages are very helpful to relieve some symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea,the headaches, back pain and sciatica. It also serves very helpful to reduce stress andpromote relaxation.

Some women choose to be massaged during labour to reduce the pains that occur during the process of expansion.

What should you keep in mind?

It is important to consult your doctor before practicing any type of complementary alternative medicine technique, since some pregnancies, far from see benefit may receive negative out comes of this type of treatment. In addition, you must ensure that the specialist who treated it is specialized in pregnant women, so when you choice one of reflexias, Massage To relieve Symptoms During Pregnancy is safe way for both of you and the baby

Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy

To enjoy a healthy during pregnancy and without complications, it is better you had been planned. Only in this way certain conditions be prevented or anticipate them, in such a way it's comfort for the mother and the baby.

Is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?

You have a healthy and balanced diet, as well as also doing exercises on a daily basis, are critical elements for a healthy pregnancy. This happens because the body will have many demands on physical and nutritional level once you start the pregnancy,so the mother should anticipate this and have a healthy lifestyle since at least 3 months before conceiving.

Healthy During Pregnancy
  • What happens if the mother has diabetes?
If the mother has diabetes, no matter which type of diabetes has (1 or 2) is important to talk to your doctor until you start pregnancy attempts. Through the maintenance of adequate blood sugar levels be controlled disease pre-pregnancy and during it.

Then healthy during pregnancy, it must be especially attentive to your sugar levels supervise and attend antenatal appointments as the doctor, in a way directed such that it can reduce the risk of complications.

  • What's with the inherited?
It is important that having knowledge of genetic problems in your family or your partner, you check with your doctor before starting attempts to conceive. The most recommended is to consult a specialist to identify genetic conditions.

  • Is it important to getting immunized?
Immunisation offers protection against some infections that cause serious illnesses.This factor is very important, to present certain diseases during pregnancy are very risky for the health of the mother and the baby, so much so that the child may be born with birth defects or long-term health problems.

  • What about rubella?
Many people are unaware of the possible effects of rubella during pregnancy.Immunize against this disease is of utmost importance, since getting it during pregnancy can cause serious health problems to the baby, such as:
  • Affect the eyes
  • Affect the ears and even cause deafness
  • The baby's brain may be damaged
  • Heart problems
  • Mental disability

If you don't know about immunity to disease, before pregnancy attempts you should go to your doctor to make this perform a blood test to check if it is immune to the disease.

Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy: Know The Risk

Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy : Know The Risk: Pregnancy is a very important moment in the life of every woman, and though, apparently, the House is a safe place for the mother and the baby, there are certain factors that could harm your well-being. For this reason, we offer some information and recommendations that will be very beneficial, so you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

What happens if you have a cat at home?

Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease that can stay at cats and be transmitted to humans, which may interfere with fertility. However, in case such that you are pregnant, there are a few step precautions if you have cats at home, since contracting this disease while awaiting your baby can cause a higher risk of miscarriage orpresenting the baby birth defects. In addition, where the mother getting this disease shortly before pregnancy, there is a 50% chance of transmitting it to the baby.

Therefore, if you have cats at home, you should take the following forecasts:

• Take your cat to the vet to check for the presence of disease
• Avoid that your cat eats raw meat, mice or birds
• Avoid that your cat is in contact with other cats of neighbors
• Ask someone to help you to change the cat litter. When you should do it, the best practice is to use gloves and wash hands thoroughly after completing the task
• Change the cat litter frequently
• If you have garden, wear gloves if you are a gardening activity to avoid contact with the feces of an infected animal
• Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables
• Do not eat raw meat
• Do not drink unpasteurized milk

Must be careful with cleaning products?
At the time of clean or do house hold chores during pregnancy, you should take a way:

• Whenever you are using cleaning products use gloves. Remember that the body will absorb the chemicals from products and, accordingly, there is a potential risk affecting the baby
• Where the product release gases or a very strong odor, most advisable is to ask for help or use it in a well-ventilated area to avoid sucking gases
• Always read the labels of the products. Where they are contraindicated for pregnancy or have warnings for toxicity, most advisable is to abstain to use them or seek help to get soutions about Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy

Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

Obesity and diabetes in pregnancy influence congenital ailments

Obese women with type 2 diabetes problems, are about 3 times more likely than women who do not have these conditions give birth the babies with birth defectsr eported researchers a study published in the November issue of the journal epidemiology.

Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

According to the authors of the study, obesity and diabetes during pregnancy can act in combination to increase the risk of problems in the newborn. These could be of Craniofacial type orabnormal limb development.

About 65 percent of the problems among women presenting both paintings were caused by the interaction of these researchers believe "We found that the union of diabetes and obesity led a triple increase in the risk of all the problems," said Dr. Lynn L. Moore and his colleagues at the Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts.

About 6 per cent of all women with diabetes type 2 had babies compared with 1.34 percent of non-diabetic women. Craniofacial problems and skeletal muscle were more common than researchers found.

Obese women without diabetes had no more risk likely to give birth children with congenital problems although certain types of defects were more common. Similarly,women of normal weight with gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy,did not show an increase in the risk of having children with complex problems. The results of the study are based on a data of about 23 thousand women. These finding support observations made in other studies that suggest that obesity in type 2 diabetes pregnancy increase the risk of congenital problems.

Knowing 7 Alarm Signs Of Pregnancy

There are many symptoms that occur during pregnancy. These tend to vary in appearance, intensity and frequency in each of the quarters of pregnancy and, in turn,vary from one patient to another. there's Knowing 7 Alarm Signs Of Pregnancy you better read bellow...

Most of these symptoms, although they may be unpleasant, natural part of pregnancy and should not worry about it. However, there are certain symptoms that can not be ignored at all, on the contrary, should consult their doctor as soon as possible.

Alarm Signs Of Pregnancy

What are the alarming signs of pregnancy?

The alarming signs of pregnancy are some symptoms that come out of the ordinary and that may mean that it is presenting a problem during pregnancy. If you experience any of the symptoms below the name, you should go to your doctor immediately:

  • Pain or burning when going to the bathroom
Where, while you urinate, you feel pain or burning, you should consult your doctor.The burning during urination is a sign that there is an infection, so you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to control it.

  • Bleeding
At the beginning of the pregnancy, the mother may have a slight hemorrhage due to the implementation process, which consists of the adhesion of the nutfah to the wall of the uterus. Out of this, any bleeding that occurs during pregnancy, either mild or abundant, it is a sign of alarm. Consult your doctor immediately if this occurs in anyof the quarters.

  • Cramps in abdominal area
Although cramping is completely normal during pregnancy, if you have pain and abdominal cramps with frequency and/or intensity you should consult your doctor.

  • Hit or fall
A pregnant woman is prone to fall, where its center of gravity has moved because of the growth of the uterus. For this reason, it must be very careful to moving. it has suffered a fall or a blow to the abdominal area, you should go to doctor to check your baby are well.

  • Loss of amniotic fluid
During pregnancy, it is common that the mother leakage of urine, especially from second trimester of pregnancy. However, this is different from the loss of amniotic fluid, which is the one that is inside the amniotic sac that protects the baby. If you notice that it has released this fluid through your va*ina, check with your doctor immediately.

  • Fainting
During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is very common that the mother dizziness and nausea. However, if this symptom causes permanent dizziness or fainting, you should consult your doctor, especially if this symptom has persisted until the following months of pregnancy.

  • Vision problems
In case that your vision is cloud, see spots in front of your eyes or light flashes, you should consult your doctor.

How Sleep Position For Pregnant Women

How Sleep Positionr For Pregnant Women or best sleeping position during pregnancy

  • A warm bath or shower before bed can be useful.
  • Learn relaxation and breathing techniques also can help.
  • Avoid lying on your back (mouth ariba) for a long period of time.

Especially in the third quarter, it is important to sleep side preferably sleeping on your left side to allow better flow of blood to the uterus and the baby.

Drink plenty of fluids during the day, but reduce the intake of liquid before bed time,to avoid having to get up to urinate during the night.

To avoid heart burn at night, do not eating large amounts of acid foods e.g. tomato, spicyor fried foods. If the acidity is a problem, sleep with your head elevated on pillows can help reconcile the dream.

Exercise regularly to help you stay healthy, improve circulation and reduce leg cramps.

Mattresses and pillows for pregnant can help you to sleep better. Or use regular pillows that are comfortable for relaxing your body.
Once your baby, hours and a will be interrupted frequently, especially the nursing mother's dream is born.

Mothers who have babies who wake up frequently during the night, they should try to sleep or rest when their babies are napping.

It is important for health, safety, performance and vitality of the mother who sits and help share to the extent possible the baby care especially during the night.

Talk to your doctor if you found trouble sleeping or persistent insomnia.

Fetal Movement During Pregnancy: Feeling Baby Kick

One of the most feared by pregnant women is the first trimester of pregnancy, it is a stage characterized by a large number of symptoms that can cause discomfort. However, once it has passed the first quarter, begins to occur what many mothers could not even imagine: Fetal movements. This stage is full of joy, inspiration and emotion.

It is precisely from the beginning of the sensitization of maternal to fetal movements where the mother realizes that her life is about to change forever.

Fetal Movement During Pregnancy

When fetal movements start to happen?

Usually, fetal movements begin occuring between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. The sensation resembles a small Butterfly fluttering in the lower part of the abdomen and serves as a beautiful reminder that within her belly a little baby is developing.

How are you feeling?
Many mothers tend to compare the fetal movements with a gas in the digestive tract.This occurs from week 16, approximately, and intensifies around week 20. It may be much easier to feel the first fetal movements when it is lying down and relaxing inyour room.

How are movements?
The baby's movements will vary in frequency and intensity, it all depends on how so advanced is the pregnancy. It is important to note that it is not possible to determinea number of times in which a baby move every day, since each child is different as each patient is different.

It is better be if feel fetal movement with some frequency.

What to do if fetal movements are mild?

In the event that you feel that baby not is moving as frequently as he did before, most advisable is to contact your doctor as soon as possible so that it can determine if all is well with the pregnancy.

Can you tell the baby kicking?

Some doctors suggest the mother to take a record of kicks from the baby during the day when they are close to the birth date. This provides much more tranquility to a mother, since it is aware of the activity of the baby by putting more attention.

Prenatal Yoga Best Exercise During Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga Best Exercise during pregnancy can be very positive for the mother, because it will control your weight gain, it will alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy, among other benefits.

Prenatal yoga is good for:

  • Improve circulation
During pregnancy, the blood volume increases 45% higher than prior to conception.The problems of swelling and the progressive growth of the uterus cause circulatory problems, but with regular practice of prenatal yoga this problem will decrease considerably.

Prenatal Yoga Best Exercise During Pregnancy

  • Learn breathing techniques
Learning breathing techniques can be very beneficial for the mother, especially during childbirth, because the pain generated by uterine contractions can be handled through the proper use of breathing.

In fact, the implementation of breathing techniques help to regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Interact with other pregnant women
Not only practice, prenatal yoga is beneficial on the physical level, but also for the emotional area. In doing this exercise, the mother also congeniarĂ¡ with other pregnant women, who are also going through the same changes and concerns.
Talk to other pregnant women will help you resolve day-to-day concerns and feel support from others who are going through the same as you.

  • Relieve back pain
Pregnancy can cause the mother suffering from back pain, which is caused, mainly, by hormonal changes and the growth of the uterus. In this case, the prenatal yoga can be very beneficial to relieve the tension of the muscles of the lower back, where usually occur pains.

What to keep in mind at the time of prenatal yoga?

If you want to start doing this activity, you should consult your doctor to know if this exercise is right for you and does not endanger the normal development of pregnancy. Once you have the approval of your doctor, you should contact anInstitute that have specialized classes for pregnant women, so ensure that the activityis suitable for your pregnancy.

Best Natural Ways To Fight Patigue After Childbirth

The months after childbirth tend to be very stressful for moms. Parenting is not an easy task, take care of the baby 24 hours a day and serve the rest of his obligations may sound simple, but it is not at all. Deep and repairing dreams become scarce and, instead, you have a long list of daily tasks that seems to have no end. It is normal at this time you constantly feel tired.

Why you are so tired?
Surely, you think that all your tiredness is attributed to their lack of sleep at night due to the attention that the baby needs, but this is not the only culprit. According to research, the fatigue that a mother feels in the weeks following childbirth is due to changes that is generating your body after having faced the incredible physicalchallenges involving pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, you is taking care of your baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and must attend all of their daily chores.

Best Natural Ways To Fight Patigue After Childbirth

According to scientists, acupressure has the same efficiency that a cup of coffee caffeine-free!

Acupressure is a technique which consists of pressure in different parts of the body. It can be done on the hands, feet or ears. Each point of these parts of the body is connected to another part of the body, massaging them therefore very beneficial to improve the function of different organs.

Filled with light!
It can be very beneficial for you to receive sunlight in the morning. You don't need to leave home, with running the curtains and open the windows is enough. According to experts, receive sunlight in the morning is positive to reduce tiredness, sleep, hormone production decreases and raises the production of adrenalin.

Take a deep breath
Deep breathing will help reduce fatigue. Inhale through the mouth to fill your lungsand then breathe out slowly. Do this exercise several times a day. This will make you remove toxins from your body, improve your lung function, helps digestion, improvesthe nervous system, controlling your weight and reduces the work load of the heart,among other benefits.

Generally, women tend to want to do it all, even though many times do not have the time. Now that you have your baby and has many things to do, it is important to learn to say 'no' to different proposals. Ask yourself if you have enough time, if you want to do it, if you have the energies involved in the accomplishment of the task. If the answer is no, because there is no more to say. It is important that you choose wellyour tasks, so no overcharging.

Iron makes it lack?
If you are tired, dizzy and has trouble breathing, it is likely to have iron deficiency. If so, then call your doctor to check your levels of iron in the blood. It is also importantto increase the intake of iron rich foods such as grains and the dark green leafyvegetables.

Take a break in the afternoon
It may be difficult, especially with his newborn baby, but should you rest a little in theafternoon to recharge. Rest not means that you sleep deeply, but can sit a while onthe couch, watching a TV program or simply close your eyes for a while.

Eat a healthy snack
Snack healthy food such as yogurt or fruit will help you feel more energetic, so that you can attend to your baby as long as this need.

Prenatal Yoga During Pregnancy

Do prenatal yoga during pregnancy is a very good choice for mother to keep in shape. This exercise will not only be good for the health of the mother and the baby, but also to prepare it for labour.

What can you expect of a prenatal yoga class?

During a prenatal yoga class mother held various low-intensity exercises to streng then his limbs, as well as also increase your balance and flexibility. To perform them, the mother can use a thin mattress or pillow to provide support.

Prenatal Yoga During Pregnancy

It will also do breathing exercises, which will help the mother can relieve shortness of breath caused by pregnancy. These exercises will be very useful for the time of delivery, since the mother can take better contractions through breathing.

Finally, the mother will do some relaxation exercises indicated by the instructor.

What are the main benefits of doing prenatal yoga?

  • It reduces stress
  • It reduces the risk that the mother is intrauterine growth restriction, which slows the growth of the baby
  • Decreases hypertension causing the pregnancy because of the physical changes that occur in the body of the mother
  • Reduces anxiety
  • It improves sleep
  • It helps to reduce back pain and headache
  • It increases flexibility, strength and the strength of the muscles involved in child birth
  • It decreases the risk of preterm birth
  • You can help reduce the nausea of the first trimester of pregnancy

Before you start prenatal yoga, it's importance for a mother to talk with a doctor imediatly, if the exercise is beneficial for you. when your doctor deems appropriate to this activity, the mother can enter into a kind of yoga that should be special for pregnant women.

Back Pain During Pregnancy And How To Relieve It

During pregnancy, it is common that the mother suffers a series of symptoms caused by physical and hormonal changes affecting your body in the presence of the baby that is located in the mother's womb. The presence of these symptoms, as well as the frequency and the intensity of them, varies from a patient to another.

However, there are some whose presence is very common in pregnant women and symptoms that affect a large percentage of the mothers as they await your baby.

Is it common to have back pain in pregnancy?
Specialists say that around 70% of pregnant women suffer from back pain at some point in pregnancy, especially during the third quarter.

What causes back pain?
Pregnancy back pain are caused by several factors, among which is the weight gain ofthe mother and the progressive growth of the uterus, which causes the center ofgravity of the body change and consequently generated backaches due to poor posture.

How to relieve back pain during pregnancy ?

To relieve back pain during pregnancy, we recommend the following:
  • Keep good posture. To do this, we recommend you try to maintain an upright
  • If you must pick up an object from the ground, Crouching rather than leaning forward. It is important to raise the subject with your legs and not your back.
  • Wear comfortable and suitable footwear. It is highly advisable to avoid heels,preferably.
  • Avoid long standing
  • Try to relax enough
  • If you must stand for more time than it should, try to have at its disposal a stool or something that serves you to support a foot. In this way it will rest one leg and you can switch to another whenever you feel tired.
  • If approved by your doctor, make prenatal exercise under the observation of aqualified trainer.
  • Use a strip of support provided by your doctor to relieve pressure on your back.
  • Receive back massages provided by a specialist in prenatal massage.

When to call the doctor?
You should take into account that very intense back pain is usually associated with preterm birth. Therefore, if you experience this symptom either frequent or intense,best is please contact your doctor as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Also, refrain from taking any kind of medicines and only eat those that have been prescribed by the doctor. Medications not approved in advance by the physician canbring as consequence that the welfare of the baby is put at risk.

Drinking Milk During Pregnancy Make Your Child Smarter

Food is one of the greatest intake that the mother has to ensure the development of your baby. Nutrients consumed in pregnancy not only will help your baby to develop within its belly to level body, but also cognitively. Therefore, it must be very attentive to all the foods you eat during "sweet waiting".

Although it may seem strange, but foods such as algae, strawberries and milk may make your child smarter if you consume them during pregnancy. This is because these foods contain iodine, an essential element for the production of hormones of the thyroid gland, which can have an impact on the mental and physical development of babies in utero.

Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

Why is it important to consume iodine?

Iodine is an element that plays a very important role in the functioning of the thyroid gland, since this needs iodine to produce hormones. These hormones are necessary for the regulation of metabolism, muscle tissue and nervous system development, as well as being fundamental in cognitive development.

It is important to consume iodine in pregnancy by:

During pregnancy, the thyroid gland works more than in normal conditions, so it isnecessary to consume the prenatal vitamin supplements that include iodine, Lack of iodine can help the baby develop irreversible neurological injury

What about the research?

The specialists responsible for the research took urine samples from more than 1,000 pregnant women and determined that those who had a deficit of iodine were more likely to have children with intellectual coefficients lower than those who had no suchlack.

In addition, it was determined that the effect is not only short-term, but also in the medium and long term. In fact, studies showed that children of mothers with iodine deficiency had lower grades in reading and writing but not in math.