Third Trimester Of Pregnancy: Doctor Visits

During period the Third Trimester Of Pregnancy, you will be more frequent controls. Pregnancy controls are now fortnightly and weekly for the last month.

Your doctor will continue to monitor your blood pressure and weight, as well as the activities and movements of the fetus, will continue measuring the size of your uterus and ask you about any symptoms that you may be having.

There are many tests that your doctor can practice to observe the health and well-being of your baby, as for example the ultrasonographies, the monitoring of the fetal heartbeat and certain laboratory tests. Frequent controls of your urine and blood pressure will be made and will be watched his hands and feet to detect any increasein volume. From 36 weeks until delivery, control will be weekly.

Biophysical Profile

The biophysical profile is a test in which points are allocated to measures ormovements of the baby are observed during an ultrasound examination. It has five components, each one has a value of up to 2 points, which are added up to a total of 10 points at the end. It is performed to determine is the fetus, to lowest score worse prognosis.

The components of the test are as follows:
  • A monitoring fetal not stressful.
  • Observation of movements of the trunk of the baby.
  • Observation of the muscle tone of the baby (baby watching extend your arms or leg sand back towards the body).
  • The observation of the baby's breathing movements (although the baby is not really breathing inside the uterus, can be seen movements in the fetal thorax).
  • The measure of the amount of amniotic fluid in the bag that surrounds the baby.
  • The sum of the total score will give an idea to your doctor of the overall well-being ofyour baby.


When your due date this close, your doctor will check the position of the baby. As well as they can also perform a v*ginal exam to check the dilation of the cervix as during period the Third Trimester Of Pregnancy