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Healthy Diet During Pregnancy At Third Trimester

At the third trimester of the pregnancy, weight of pregnant women will increase in 10 or 12 kg approximately, distributed in the following way: the fetus will have 3,500 grams; the placenta, interstitial fluid and blood volume added 1,200 or 1,800 grams; breast growth will be 400 grams and other 1640 grams will be maternal adipose tissue.

It is not of measures fixed. These will vary depending on the physical, stature and the diet of every pregnant woman. The health check will determine what is the best food and energy.

It is not recommended that you do comment if "you should eat for two", simply because being overweight won't help you to be healthy and to take care of your child is not essential to ingest large amounts of food, but eat what is needed for their proper development.

Healty Diet During Pregnancy

Eating during pregnancy is related to problems of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, blood circulation disorders, not to mention the complications that can occur during childbirth and how difficult that can be back to your old figure in post-partum.

Avoids the extremes, nor wealth, nor lack are recommended. If slim-line below five kgs you can limit the natural growth of the fetus. As there is a unique food that summarizes all the nutrients and calories you need, you have to work yourself to meet a varied regime (FAT, carbohydrates and proteins), in moderation. Your new plan will be to increase the number of meals you do, without increasing the amount of what you consume. In other words, it is advisable that you feed three or five times a day, so you feel satisfied and no desire to kill the hunger with products out of your diet.

Leisurely breakfast with bread, spread with margarine and cheese, yogurt, juice or chopped slices of your favorite fruit. Retrieves the custom of snack and full lunch, so prevent you to dinner with a voracious appetite and will keep your body well supplied during the day. You drink two liters of water daily and includes a minimum of three servings of dairy products or substitutes manufactured based plants enriched with protein and calcium in your meals. Fats are also essential and must not delete them, unless medical prescription. This is the case of the milk fat, vegetable oils and which provide blue fish.

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Towards the third month of pregnancy, they tend to be very recurrent cravings. Women do not know how to control those urgent desires to swallow up to the most unusual food. These whims respond to needs of the body, caused by the hormones of the pancreas that drive to eat that what is lacking. What matters is not the food itself, but the chemical composition of the product. When you have a craving, check the product label to see what ingredients and think how you can replace it with another food that are within your diet.

Acidic fruits (Orange, passion fruit, pineapple, lemons and grapefruit), pickles (cucumbers, onions) and the tomato are interchangeable. If you cause you something salty, replace it with a salad, fish, seafood and nuts. But if it's spicy, watercress, peppers, beets and Red radishes are best.

With a little will and creativity, you can dress the food that displease you, seeks alternative sources of nutrients, and creates dishes to the eye and the palate, in order to enjoy any menu by simple as it may seem.

Don't be affraid to scale

It is not essential that you weigh every day to find out how many grams have more than before. That may depress you. You can choose to do it once a month or when you go to your appointment with your doctor. When the time to weigh yourself do it always with the same scale, preferably in the morning, in fasting and without clothes, so do not be surprised the volume of your body. Some women think that to get fat are less attractive, without thinking that these ideas are only in their heads. For the rest of the people, pregnant women are wonderful human beings who await a new Member of the community.

Motherhood is a moment in the life of a woman and no one can take away that pleasure, so large, to stay and feel a baby in the womb. Look at the other mammals, perhaps you think that females are unpleasant for being pregnant. The reality is that they inspire a great tenderness and are always protected by the rest of the herd, precisely because of them depends on the survival of the species. The appearance is not so important, as the mission that has given the nature

Third Trimester Of Pregnancy: Doctor Visits

During period the Third Trimester Of Pregnancy, you will be more frequent controls. Pregnancy controls are now fortnightly and weekly for the last month.

Your doctor will continue to monitor your blood pressure and weight, as well as the activities and movements of the fetus, will continue measuring the size of your uterus and ask you about any symptoms that you may be having.

There are many tests that your doctor can practice to observe the health and well-being of your baby, as for example the ultrasonographies, the monitoring of the fetal heartbeat and certain laboratory tests. Frequent controls of your urine and blood pressure will be made and will be watched his hands and feet to detect any increasein volume. From 36 weeks until delivery, control will be weekly.

Biophysical Profile

The biophysical profile is a test in which points are allocated to measures ormovements of the baby are observed during an ultrasound examination. It has five components, each one has a value of up to 2 points, which are added up to a total of 10 points at the end. It is performed to determine is the fetus, to lowest score worse prognosis.

The components of the test are as follows:
  • A monitoring fetal not stressful.
  • Observation of movements of the trunk of the baby.
  • Observation of the muscle tone of the baby (baby watching extend your arms or leg sand back towards the body).
  • The observation of the baby's breathing movements (although the baby is not really breathing inside the uterus, can be seen movements in the fetal thorax).
  • The measure of the amount of amniotic fluid in the bag that surrounds the baby.
  • The sum of the total score will give an idea to your doctor of the overall well-being ofyour baby.


When your due date this close, your doctor will check the position of the baby. As well as they can also perform a v*ginal exam to check the dilation of the cervix as during period the Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Referred to as hypertension to the excessive increase in high blood pressure During pregnancy in artery, it may happen that mother present problems of high blood pressure, which can occur in different types, so it is recommended that mother take the voltage every month when it has reached the second trimester of pregnancy.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood on the wall of the blood vessels of the body.

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

What are the types of hypertension that may occur in pregnancy?

• Chronic hypertension

This hypertension develops until the mother reaches the 20th week of pregnancy or may even be present before conception. This type of hypertension does not disappear after childbirth.

• Transient or gestational hypertension

This type of hypertension occurs on the third trimester of pregnancy, its intensity varies depending on each patient, there is no existence of protein in the urine.Gestational or transient hypertension disappears after childbirth automatically.

• Preeclampsia

This type of high blood pressure, also known as toxemia, can bring serious health problems for the mother and baby if you don't receive the proper treatment. Preeclampsia develops after the 20th week of pregnancy, the patient presents protein in the urine and disappears after childbirth.

What are the risk factors for pre-eclampsia?
  • Women who have any or some of the following characteristics have one higher risk ofpre-eclampsia:
  1. Diabetes
  2. Obesity
  3. A history of pre-eclampsia
  4. Chronic hypertension
  5. Renal disease
You should see a doctor if you have any or some of these symptoms:
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Vision of black 
  • spotsIntolerance to light
  • DrowsinessPersistent 
  • nauseaDecreased 
  • fetal activity
  • Blood pressure equal to or greater than 140/90 mm Hg

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy, it is very important that the mother is very attentive to all products and food consumed, as well as activities. For this reason, we offer a list of things that should be avoided during pregnancy to eliminate or reduce the risks of any complication.

Can medications be taken during pregnancy?

Generally, mothers are often described as harmless medications consumed most often, However, all these medications can put at risk the health of the baby and they should be avoided during pregnancy.

It is therefore of utmost importance that mother to refrain from consuming any type of medication during pregnancy without prior authorization from the physician, since they can be harmful to the baby.

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy

What foods should you avoid?

• Sushi
• Fish sword, shark and mackerel, since these tend to contain high levels of mercury that may seriously affect the baby's health
• Unpasteurized products
• Caffeine
• Foods that are not thoroughly cooked
• Alc*h*lic beverages may not be consumed in pregnancy, since they can cause the baby a myriad of health problems, including Fetal Alc*h*l Syndrome
• Soft cheeses

What exercises should not be done in pregnancy?

While physical activity can be very beneficial for the health of mother and baby during pregnancy, it is very important that the mother to refrain from performing the exercises presented below, since they can endanger the well-being of the baby.

• Any sporting activity of high impact
• Any exercise that mother should be leaning on your back

It is important for the mother to check with your doctor before starting any physical activity. In addition, you should stop exercising if you experience severe headache,pain in the chest, vaginal bleeding, back pain, loss of amniotic fluid, uterinecontractions or reduction of fetal movements.

Can I have s*x during pregnancy?
The couple can have s*x if the doctor has not indicated otherwise.
However, call your doctor immediately if you experience pain, bleeding or loss of amniotic fluid.

Is it convenient to be in contact with animals in pregnancy?

If the mother has a bird or a cat in your environment, you should avoid to clean the sand box or cage with daily waste, could contract diseases and harm health and the baby's development.

What about overheating?

Any activity that puts the body temperature more than 38.5 degrees should be avoided. For this reason, saunas, hot tubs and high-impact physical activities should be avoided in pregnancy, because that can put in danger the health of the baby and causing birth defects.

Experts say that the mother should not stay more than 10 minutes in warm water, as well as avoid hot tubs, hot baths and exercise when there are high temperatures in the environment.

What's with the bad habits?

The mother should refrain to have any harmful habits during pregnancy.
This includes any type of dr*gs, c*gar*ttes, or alc*h*l consumption, since any dose of these products can affect serious and irreversibly the health of the baby.

If the mother has one of these habits, you should consult your doctor
immediately so that you receive the necessary aid and the baby is not impaired.

Which products can be harmful?

• Do not mix ammonia with chlorine, since gas which emits this mixture can be deadly
• Avoid exposure to lead
• Avoid exposure to the gases emitted by paint removers
• In case of need painting, done in an open and airy space
• Avoid exposure to insecticides or herbicides
• If you can avoid doing so, make sure color with dyes without ammonia, in an open space, and that the product is not in contact with the scalp. If you want a natural dye,henna can be an excellent choice for dyeing hair during pregnancy

Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy

To enjoy a healthy during pregnancy and without complications, it is better you had been planned. Only in this way certain conditions be prevented or anticipate them, in such a way it's comfort for the mother and the baby.

Is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?

You have a healthy and balanced diet, as well as also doing exercises on a daily basis, are critical elements for a healthy pregnancy. This happens because the body will have many demands on physical and nutritional level once you start the pregnancy,so the mother should anticipate this and have a healthy lifestyle since at least 3 months before conceiving.

Healthy During Pregnancy
  • What happens if the mother has diabetes?
If the mother has diabetes, no matter which type of diabetes has (1 or 2) is important to talk to your doctor until you start pregnancy attempts. Through the maintenance of adequate blood sugar levels be controlled disease pre-pregnancy and during it.

Then healthy during pregnancy, it must be especially attentive to your sugar levels supervise and attend antenatal appointments as the doctor, in a way directed such that it can reduce the risk of complications.

  • What's with the inherited?
It is important that having knowledge of genetic problems in your family or your partner, you check with your doctor before starting attempts to conceive. The most recommended is to consult a specialist to identify genetic conditions.

  • Is it important to getting immunized?
Immunisation offers protection against some infections that cause serious illnesses.This factor is very important, to present certain diseases during pregnancy are very risky for the health of the mother and the baby, so much so that the child may be born with birth defects or long-term health problems.

  • What about rubella?
Many people are unaware of the possible effects of rubella during pregnancy.Immunize against this disease is of utmost importance, since getting it during pregnancy can cause serious health problems to the baby, such as:
  • Affect the eyes
  • Affect the ears and even cause deafness
  • The baby's brain may be damaged
  • Heart problems
  • Mental disability

If you don't know about immunity to disease, before pregnancy attempts you should go to your doctor to make this perform a blood test to check if it is immune to the disease.

Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

Obesity and diabetes in pregnancy influence congenital ailments

Obese women with type 2 diabetes problems, are about 3 times more likely than women who do not have these conditions give birth the babies with birth defectsr eported researchers a study published in the November issue of the journal epidemiology.

Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

According to the authors of the study, obesity and diabetes during pregnancy can act in combination to increase the risk of problems in the newborn. These could be of Craniofacial type orabnormal limb development.

About 65 percent of the problems among women presenting both paintings were caused by the interaction of these researchers believe "We found that the union of diabetes and obesity led a triple increase in the risk of all the problems," said Dr. Lynn L. Moore and his colleagues at the Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts.

About 6 per cent of all women with diabetes type 2 had babies compared with 1.34 percent of non-diabetic women. Craniofacial problems and skeletal muscle were more common than researchers found.

Obese women without diabetes had no more risk likely to give birth children with congenital problems although certain types of defects were more common. Similarly,women of normal weight with gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy,did not show an increase in the risk of having children with complex problems. The results of the study are based on a data of about 23 thousand women. These finding support observations made in other studies that suggest that obesity in type 2 diabetes pregnancy increase the risk of congenital problems.

Best Natural Ways To Fight Patigue After Childbirth

The months after childbirth tend to be very stressful for moms. Parenting is not an easy task, take care of the baby 24 hours a day and serve the rest of his obligations may sound simple, but it is not at all. Deep and repairing dreams become scarce and, instead, you have a long list of daily tasks that seems to have no end. It is normal at this time you constantly feel tired.

Why you are so tired?
Surely, you think that all your tiredness is attributed to their lack of sleep at night due to the attention that the baby needs, but this is not the only culprit. According to research, the fatigue that a mother feels in the weeks following childbirth is due to changes that is generating your body after having faced the incredible physicalchallenges involving pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, you is taking care of your baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and must attend all of their daily chores.

Best Natural Ways To Fight Patigue After Childbirth

According to scientists, acupressure has the same efficiency that a cup of coffee caffeine-free!

Acupressure is a technique which consists of pressure in different parts of the body. It can be done on the hands, feet or ears. Each point of these parts of the body is connected to another part of the body, massaging them therefore very beneficial to improve the function of different organs.

Filled with light!
It can be very beneficial for you to receive sunlight in the morning. You don't need to leave home, with running the curtains and open the windows is enough. According to experts, receive sunlight in the morning is positive to reduce tiredness, sleep, hormone production decreases and raises the production of adrenalin.

Take a deep breath
Deep breathing will help reduce fatigue. Inhale through the mouth to fill your lungsand then breathe out slowly. Do this exercise several times a day. This will make you remove toxins from your body, improve your lung function, helps digestion, improvesthe nervous system, controlling your weight and reduces the work load of the heart,among other benefits.

Generally, women tend to want to do it all, even though many times do not have the time. Now that you have your baby and has many things to do, it is important to learn to say 'no' to different proposals. Ask yourself if you have enough time, if you want to do it, if you have the energies involved in the accomplishment of the task. If the answer is no, because there is no more to say. It is important that you choose wellyour tasks, so no overcharging.

Iron makes it lack?
If you are tired, dizzy and has trouble breathing, it is likely to have iron deficiency. If so, then call your doctor to check your levels of iron in the blood. It is also importantto increase the intake of iron rich foods such as grains and the dark green leafyvegetables.

Take a break in the afternoon
It may be difficult, especially with his newborn baby, but should you rest a little in theafternoon to recharge. Rest not means that you sleep deeply, but can sit a while onthe couch, watching a TV program or simply close your eyes for a while.

Eat a healthy snack
Snack healthy food such as yogurt or fruit will help you feel more energetic, so that you can attend to your baby as long as this need.