Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

Obesity and diabetes in pregnancy influence congenital ailments

Obese women with type 2 diabetes problems, are about 3 times more likely than women who do not have these conditions give birth the babies with birth defectsr eported researchers a study published in the November issue of the journal epidemiology.

Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

According to the authors of the study, obesity and diabetes during pregnancy can act in combination to increase the risk of problems in the newborn. These could be of Craniofacial type orabnormal limb development.

About 65 percent of the problems among women presenting both paintings were caused by the interaction of these researchers believe "We found that the union of diabetes and obesity led a triple increase in the risk of all the problems," said Dr. Lynn L. Moore and his colleagues at the Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts.

About 6 per cent of all women with diabetes type 2 had babies compared with 1.34 percent of non-diabetic women. Craniofacial problems and skeletal muscle were more common than researchers found.

Obese women without diabetes had no more risk likely to give birth children with congenital problems although certain types of defects were more common. Similarly,women of normal weight with gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy,did not show an increase in the risk of having children with complex problems. The results of the study are based on a data of about 23 thousand women. These finding support observations made in other studies that suggest that obesity in type 2 diabetes pregnancy increase the risk of congenital problems.