Healthy Diet During Pregnancy At Third Trimester

At the third trimester of the pregnancy, weight of pregnant women will increase in 10 or 12 kg approximately, distributed in the following way: the fetus will have 3,500 grams; the placenta, interstitial fluid and blood volume added 1,200 or 1,800 grams; breast growth will be 400 grams and other 1640 grams will be maternal adipose tissue.

It is not of measures fixed. These will vary depending on the physical, stature and the diet of every pregnant woman. The health check will determine what is the best food and energy.

It is not recommended that you do comment if "you should eat for two", simply because being overweight won't help you to be healthy and to take care of your child is not essential to ingest large amounts of food, but eat what is needed for their proper development.

Healty Diet During Pregnancy

Eating during pregnancy is related to problems of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, blood circulation disorders, not to mention the complications that can occur during childbirth and how difficult that can be back to your old figure in post-partum.

Avoids the extremes, nor wealth, nor lack are recommended. If slim-line below five kgs you can limit the natural growth of the fetus. As there is a unique food that summarizes all the nutrients and calories you need, you have to work yourself to meet a varied regime (FAT, carbohydrates and proteins), in moderation. Your new plan will be to increase the number of meals you do, without increasing the amount of what you consume. In other words, it is advisable that you feed three or five times a day, so you feel satisfied and no desire to kill the hunger with products out of your diet.

Leisurely breakfast with bread, spread with margarine and cheese, yogurt, juice or chopped slices of your favorite fruit. Retrieves the custom of snack and full lunch, so prevent you to dinner with a voracious appetite and will keep your body well supplied during the day. You drink two liters of water daily and includes a minimum of three servings of dairy products or substitutes manufactured based plants enriched with protein and calcium in your meals. Fats are also essential and must not delete them, unless medical prescription. This is the case of the milk fat, vegetable oils and which provide blue fish.

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Towards the third month of pregnancy, they tend to be very recurrent cravings. Women do not know how to control those urgent desires to swallow up to the most unusual food. These whims respond to needs of the body, caused by the hormones of the pancreas that drive to eat that what is lacking. What matters is not the food itself, but the chemical composition of the product. When you have a craving, check the product label to see what ingredients and think how you can replace it with another food that are within your diet.

Acidic fruits (Orange, passion fruit, pineapple, lemons and grapefruit), pickles (cucumbers, onions) and the tomato are interchangeable. If you cause you something salty, replace it with a salad, fish, seafood and nuts. But if it's spicy, watercress, peppers, beets and Red radishes are best.

With a little will and creativity, you can dress the food that displease you, seeks alternative sources of nutrients, and creates dishes to the eye and the palate, in order to enjoy any menu by simple as it may seem.

Don't be affraid to scale

It is not essential that you weigh every day to find out how many grams have more than before. That may depress you. You can choose to do it once a month or when you go to your appointment with your doctor. When the time to weigh yourself do it always with the same scale, preferably in the morning, in fasting and without clothes, so do not be surprised the volume of your body. Some women think that to get fat are less attractive, without thinking that these ideas are only in their heads. For the rest of the people, pregnant women are wonderful human beings who await a new Member of the community.

Motherhood is a moment in the life of a woman and no one can take away that pleasure, so large, to stay and feel a baby in the womb. Look at the other mammals, perhaps you think that females are unpleasant for being pregnant. The reality is that they inspire a great tenderness and are always protected by the rest of the herd, precisely because of them depends on the survival of the species. The appearance is not so important, as the mission that has given the nature