Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy, it is very important that the mother is very attentive to all products and food consumed, as well as activities. For this reason, we offer a list of things that should be avoided during pregnancy to eliminate or reduce the risks of any complication.

Can medications be taken during pregnancy?

Generally, mothers are often described as harmless medications consumed most often, However, all these medications can put at risk the health of the baby and they should be avoided during pregnancy.

It is therefore of utmost importance that mother to refrain from consuming any type of medication during pregnancy without prior authorization from the physician, since they can be harmful to the baby.

Activities and Foods Should To Avoid During Pregnancy

What foods should you avoid?

• Sushi
• Fish sword, shark and mackerel, since these tend to contain high levels of mercury that may seriously affect the baby's health
• Unpasteurized products
• Caffeine
• Foods that are not thoroughly cooked
• Alc*h*lic beverages may not be consumed in pregnancy, since they can cause the baby a myriad of health problems, including Fetal Alc*h*l Syndrome
• Soft cheeses

What exercises should not be done in pregnancy?

While physical activity can be very beneficial for the health of mother and baby during pregnancy, it is very important that the mother to refrain from performing the exercises presented below, since they can endanger the well-being of the baby.

• Any sporting activity of high impact
• Any exercise that mother should be leaning on your back

It is important for the mother to check with your doctor before starting any physical activity. In addition, you should stop exercising if you experience severe headache,pain in the chest, vaginal bleeding, back pain, loss of amniotic fluid, uterinecontractions or reduction of fetal movements.

Can I have s*x during pregnancy?
The couple can have s*x if the doctor has not indicated otherwise.
However, call your doctor immediately if you experience pain, bleeding or loss of amniotic fluid.

Is it convenient to be in contact with animals in pregnancy?

If the mother has a bird or a cat in your environment, you should avoid to clean the sand box or cage with daily waste, could contract diseases and harm health and the baby's development.

What about overheating?

Any activity that puts the body temperature more than 38.5 degrees should be avoided. For this reason, saunas, hot tubs and high-impact physical activities should be avoided in pregnancy, because that can put in danger the health of the baby and causing birth defects.

Experts say that the mother should not stay more than 10 minutes in warm water, as well as avoid hot tubs, hot baths and exercise when there are high temperatures in the environment.

What's with the bad habits?

The mother should refrain to have any harmful habits during pregnancy.
This includes any type of dr*gs, c*gar*ttes, or alc*h*l consumption, since any dose of these products can affect serious and irreversibly the health of the baby.

If the mother has one of these habits, you should consult your doctor
immediately so that you receive the necessary aid and the baby is not impaired.

Which products can be harmful?

• Do not mix ammonia with chlorine, since gas which emits this mixture can be deadly
• Avoid exposure to lead
• Avoid exposure to the gases emitted by paint removers
• In case of need painting, done in an open and airy space
• Avoid exposure to insecticides or herbicides
• If you can avoid doing so, make sure color with dyes without ammonia, in an open space, and that the product is not in contact with the scalp. If you want a natural dye,henna can be an excellent choice for dyeing hair during pregnancy

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Itis crucial that the mom is very mindful of all items and meals consumed, along with activities. Because of this, we offer a listing of things that ought to be avoided when pregnant to eliminate or even reduce the dangers of any kind of complication.