Psychological Emotional: Second and Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

From the second trimester of pregnancy, the mother develops a sense of well-being since your body has adjusted to the hormonal changes and the initial discomfort of pregnancy emotional have decreased considerably. For this stage, mother has adapted to the pros and cons that accompany your pregnancy, so her fears have also decreased.

Psychological Emotional: Second and Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

How does mother feel during the second quarter?

  • The mother can feel the baby's movements, so identify and accept the pregnancy makes it much easier.
  • She begins to develop a deep interest in the baby's growth and development.
  • The mother may tend to focus on herself and the baby, worrying greatly about their own needs, feelings and thoughts.
  • They begin to bloom interests by the process of childbirth. It is common that enroll inprenatal classes and read books about it.
  • The mother may have mood swings, so it can be happy or sad without any apparent reason.
An increase of interest in ... by the mother, can occur since fears with regard to hurt a baby are gone.

What reactions occur in the third trimester of pregnancy?
  • The mother can have an altered image of itself. I.e., can pass to feel beautiful, to beugly or unattractive, etc.
  • Concerns can enhance their future as a mother, about the safety, health and wellness, both she and the baby.
  • It can deepen the fears about birth
  • You can get depressed by the things that you cannot do by itself
  • He tires easily