Exercise During Pregnancy Reduces C-Sections

Exercise during pregnancy, there are two types of mother: ones, they prefer to relax and unwind during pregnancy without doing any kind of physical activity, while others opt for the option of performing an exercise routine to obtain multiple benefits offering physical activity during pregnancy.

Does exercise reduce Caesareans?

Specialists have found, if a pregnant woman do Exercise during pregnancy, among the multiple benefits, prenatal exercise reduces the risk of the mother must undergo a cesarean section.

Why is it good to do exercise?

Exercise During Pregnancy
As well as reduce the chance of being forced to undergo a caesarean section to give birth, prenatal exercise offers other benefits for the mother. Among them, is the reduction of the symptoms of pregnancy, such as constipation, acidity, etc. In addition, physical activity during pregnancy prepares the muscles involved in childbirth, so the mother can have a process of childbirth much easier than a person who has not made prenatal exercise.

Specialists have determined that the mothers who exercise during pregnancy sufferless stress, anxiety and pain in general.

It is important to highlight that prenatal exercise should be of low impact and should not last long. If a mother carries out a routine of 30 minutes a day, will ensure that itis working very well for your body during pregnancy.

Remember that gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable and completely normal. However, to not gain weight excessively, it is best incorporate an exercise routine into your day to day to control weight gain and have a much more healthy pregnancy

What exercises do?

Not all exercises are good for pregnancy, since some are high impact or put them other at risk for falls or blows. For this reason, specialists recommend mother to choose from the following activities:

• Swimming
• Prenatal yoga
• Pilates
• Walking

Do take classes?

If you are prenatal exerciser, it must do so with a trainer specializing in pregnan twomen. Only in this way will ensure to be in good hands and that the exercise be carried out is suitable for women in State. In addition, a well educated person in this field will give you all the necessary information about breathing, how to use it and how to relieve the pain of childbirth through breathing. That will help you a lot for the third trimester of pregnancy and the time of delivery

When to call the doctor?

Before performing any type of exercise during pregnancy, consult your doctor so that it adopted the physical activity. This is very important, since many mothers cannot be prenatal exercise because they present a high risk pregnancy.

In addition, it must be very attentive to all his signs. If you suffer from pain or bleeding in pregnancy, during or after exercise, stop taking them and consult your doctor immediately. Bleeding and pain during pregnancy are a sign of preterm laboror spontaneous abortion.