Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy

To enjoy a healthy during pregnancy and without complications, it is better you had been planned. Only in this way certain conditions be prevented or anticipate them, in such a way it's comfort for the mother and the baby.

Is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?

You have a healthy and balanced diet, as well as also doing exercises on a daily basis, are critical elements for a healthy pregnancy. This happens because the body will have many demands on physical and nutritional level once you start the pregnancy,so the mother should anticipate this and have a healthy lifestyle since at least 3 months before conceiving.

Healthy During Pregnancy
  • What happens if the mother has diabetes?
If the mother has diabetes, no matter which type of diabetes has (1 or 2) is important to talk to your doctor until you start pregnancy attempts. Through the maintenance of adequate blood sugar levels be controlled disease pre-pregnancy and during it.

Then healthy during pregnancy, it must be especially attentive to your sugar levels supervise and attend antenatal appointments as the doctor, in a way directed such that it can reduce the risk of complications.

  • What's with the inherited?
It is important that having knowledge of genetic problems in your family or your partner, you check with your doctor before starting attempts to conceive. The most recommended is to consult a specialist to identify genetic conditions.

  • Is it important to getting immunized?
Immunisation offers protection against some infections that cause serious illnesses.This factor is very important, to present certain diseases during pregnancy are very risky for the health of the mother and the baby, so much so that the child may be born with birth defects or long-term health problems.

  • What about rubella?
Many people are unaware of the possible effects of rubella during pregnancy.Immunize against this disease is of utmost importance, since getting it during pregnancy can cause serious health problems to the baby, such as:
  • Affect the eyes
  • Affect the ears and even cause deafness
  • The baby's brain may be damaged
  • Heart problems
  • Mental disability

If you don't know about immunity to disease, before pregnancy attempts you should go to your doctor to make this perform a blood test to check if it is immune to the disease.