How Sleep Position For Pregnant Women

How Sleep Positionr For Pregnant Women or best sleeping position during pregnancy

  • A warm bath or shower before bed can be useful.
  • Learn relaxation and breathing techniques also can help.
  • Avoid lying on your back (mouth ariba) for a long period of time.

Especially in the third quarter, it is important to sleep side preferably sleeping on your left side to allow better flow of blood to the uterus and the baby.

Drink plenty of fluids during the day, but reduce the intake of liquid before bed time,to avoid having to get up to urinate during the night.

To avoid heart burn at night, do not eating large amounts of acid foods e.g. tomato, spicyor fried foods. If the acidity is a problem, sleep with your head elevated on pillows can help reconcile the dream.

Exercise regularly to help you stay healthy, improve circulation and reduce leg cramps.

Mattresses and pillows for pregnant can help you to sleep better. Or use regular pillows that are comfortable for relaxing your body.
Once your baby, hours and a will be interrupted frequently, especially the nursing mother's dream is born.

Mothers who have babies who wake up frequently during the night, they should try to sleep or rest when their babies are napping.

It is important for health, safety, performance and vitality of the mother who sits and help share to the extent possible the baby care especially during the night.

Talk to your doctor if you found trouble sleeping or persistent insomnia.