Why is Important Should Be Drinking During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is very important to keep fresh, healty body and mind, since only in this way you would be doing whatever is at their disposal to promote their well-being and the health of the baby that is waiting for you. In this case, you should know that is not just eating for two, but also it is hydrating for two. So it's very important, you should to know the reason of proper hydration during pregnancy.

Why is it important to properly hydrate during pregnancy?
It should be noted that, during pregnancy, a baby is brewing inside her uterus, reason why the demand for liquid that requires your body will be higher. The volume of body fluids increases during pregnancy, so you should consume a greater quantity of liquids in order to satisfy the demands of your body.

drinking during pregnancy

It is important to drink enough fluids in pregnancy for the following reasons:
  • To form the amniotic fluid
  • to keep well hydrated
  • To promote the growth of your baby
  • To prevent infections
  • To avoid discomfort of pregnancy such as constipation, heartburn, and nausea
  • To release the toxins from your body
  • In addition to all these reasons why it is necessary to drink water during pregnancy, you should know that some studies have shown that fluids in pregnancy reduces therisk of premature delivery.

How many liquid should take?
It is recommended that you eat from 2 to 2.5 liters of fluids per day during pregnancy. Remember: whenever you're thirsty, you should drink liquids.

Should I drink water only?
The amount of fluids suggested not only must come from the water. You can also drink beverages such as milk, fruit juices or vegetable or soups. If you drink any ofthese options during the day, you can post them within the suggested amount of daily to its consumption.