Psychological Emotional: Second and Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

From the second trimester of pregnancy, the mother develops a sense of well-being since your body has adjusted to the hormonal changes and the initial discomfort of pregnancy emotional have decreased considerably. For this stage, mother has adapted to the pros and cons that accompany your pregnancy, so her fears have also decreased.

Psychological Emotional: Second and Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

How does mother feel during the second quarter?

  • The mother can feel the baby's movements, so identify and accept the pregnancy makes it much easier.
  • She begins to develop a deep interest in the baby's growth and development.
  • The mother may tend to focus on herself and the baby, worrying greatly about their own needs, feelings and thoughts.
  • They begin to bloom interests by the process of childbirth. It is common that enroll inprenatal classes and read books about it.
  • The mother may have mood swings, so it can be happy or sad without any apparent reason.
An increase of interest in ... by the mother, can occur since fears with regard to hurt a baby are gone.

What reactions occur in the third trimester of pregnancy?
  • The mother can have an altered image of itself. I.e., can pass to feel beautiful, to beugly or unattractive, etc.
  • Concerns can enhance their future as a mother, about the safety, health and wellness, both she and the baby.
  • It can deepen the fears about birth
  • You can get depressed by the things that you cannot do by itself
  • He tires easily

Massage To Relieve Symptoms During Pregnancy

Massage To relieve Symptoms During pregnancy, the mother suffers a series of physical and hormonal changes that cause a number of symptoms that vary in intensity and frequency depending on each patient. Through out the nine months of waiting, many mothers tend to suffer ailments due to these changes and, sometimes, it is difficult to find relief for them.

It is then when appears complementary alternative medicine (CAM), which has become increasingly popular in recent years as a method of relief to various discomforts. In the case of pregnant women, some of these techniques may be useful to relieve certain symptoms of pregnancy.

What complementary medicine techniques?

Alternative complementary medicine techniques include:
  • Chiropractic medicine
Chiropractic medicine is a therapy that enhances the ability of the body to heal it self only through the manipulation of the spine and other joints by a specialist.

In the case of pregnant women, this method can serve very helpful to relieve nausea and back pain.

  • Reflexology
Reflexology is a complementary alternative medicine where a specialist applied pressure on specific areas of the hands and ears to relieve aches.

In recent years, reflexology has been applied to stimulate the expansion and reduce the pain that they produce contractions during labor in pregnant women.

  • Massage
Massages are very helpful to relieve some symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea,the headaches, back pain and sciatica. It also serves very helpful to reduce stress andpromote relaxation.

Some women choose to be massaged during labour to reduce the pains that occur during the process of expansion.

What should you keep in mind?

It is important to consult your doctor before practicing any type of complementary alternative medicine technique, since some pregnancies, far from see benefit may receive negative out comes of this type of treatment. In addition, you must ensure that the specialist who treated it is specialized in pregnant women, so when you choice one of reflexias, Massage To relieve Symptoms During Pregnancy is safe way for both of you and the baby

Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy

To enjoy a healthy during pregnancy and without complications, it is better you had been planned. Only in this way certain conditions be prevented or anticipate them, in such a way it's comfort for the mother and the baby.

Is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?

You have a healthy and balanced diet, as well as also doing exercises on a daily basis, are critical elements for a healthy pregnancy. This happens because the body will have many demands on physical and nutritional level once you start the pregnancy,so the mother should anticipate this and have a healthy lifestyle since at least 3 months before conceiving.

Healthy During Pregnancy
  • What happens if the mother has diabetes?
If the mother has diabetes, no matter which type of diabetes has (1 or 2) is important to talk to your doctor until you start pregnancy attempts. Through the maintenance of adequate blood sugar levels be controlled disease pre-pregnancy and during it.

Then healthy during pregnancy, it must be especially attentive to your sugar levels supervise and attend antenatal appointments as the doctor, in a way directed such that it can reduce the risk of complications.

  • What's with the inherited?
It is important that having knowledge of genetic problems in your family or your partner, you check with your doctor before starting attempts to conceive. The most recommended is to consult a specialist to identify genetic conditions.

  • Is it important to getting immunized?
Immunisation offers protection against some infections that cause serious illnesses.This factor is very important, to present certain diseases during pregnancy are very risky for the health of the mother and the baby, so much so that the child may be born with birth defects or long-term health problems.

  • What about rubella?
Many people are unaware of the possible effects of rubella during pregnancy.Immunize against this disease is of utmost importance, since getting it during pregnancy can cause serious health problems to the baby, such as:
  • Affect the eyes
  • Affect the ears and even cause deafness
  • The baby's brain may be damaged
  • Heart problems
  • Mental disability

If you don't know about immunity to disease, before pregnancy attempts you should go to your doctor to make this perform a blood test to check if it is immune to the disease.

Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy: Know The Risk

Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy : Know The Risk: Pregnancy is a very important moment in the life of every woman, and though, apparently, the House is a safe place for the mother and the baby, there are certain factors that could harm your well-being. For this reason, we offer some information and recommendations that will be very beneficial, so you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

What happens if you have a cat at home?

Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease that can stay at cats and be transmitted to humans, which may interfere with fertility. However, in case such that you are pregnant, there are a few step precautions if you have cats at home, since contracting this disease while awaiting your baby can cause a higher risk of miscarriage orpresenting the baby birth defects. In addition, where the mother getting this disease shortly before pregnancy, there is a 50% chance of transmitting it to the baby.

Therefore, if you have cats at home, you should take the following forecasts:

• Take your cat to the vet to check for the presence of disease
• Avoid that your cat eats raw meat, mice or birds
• Avoid that your cat is in contact with other cats of neighbors
• Ask someone to help you to change the cat litter. When you should do it, the best practice is to use gloves and wash hands thoroughly after completing the task
• Change the cat litter frequently
• If you have garden, wear gloves if you are a gardening activity to avoid contact with the feces of an infected animal
• Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables
• Do not eat raw meat
• Do not drink unpasteurized milk

Must be careful with cleaning products?
At the time of clean or do house hold chores during pregnancy, you should take a way:

• Whenever you are using cleaning products use gloves. Remember that the body will absorb the chemicals from products and, accordingly, there is a potential risk affecting the baby
• Where the product release gases or a very strong odor, most advisable is to ask for help or use it in a well-ventilated area to avoid sucking gases
• Always read the labels of the products. Where they are contraindicated for pregnancy or have warnings for toxicity, most advisable is to abstain to use them or seek help to get soutions about Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy

Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

Obesity and diabetes in pregnancy influence congenital ailments

Obese women with type 2 diabetes problems, are about 3 times more likely than women who do not have these conditions give birth the babies with birth defectsr eported researchers a study published in the November issue of the journal epidemiology.

Obesity and Diabetes In Pregnancy: Know The Risk

According to the authors of the study, obesity and diabetes during pregnancy can act in combination to increase the risk of problems in the newborn. These could be of Craniofacial type orabnormal limb development.

About 65 percent of the problems among women presenting both paintings were caused by the interaction of these researchers believe "We found that the union of diabetes and obesity led a triple increase in the risk of all the problems," said Dr. Lynn L. Moore and his colleagues at the Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts.

About 6 per cent of all women with diabetes type 2 had babies compared with 1.34 percent of non-diabetic women. Craniofacial problems and skeletal muscle were more common than researchers found.

Obese women without diabetes had no more risk likely to give birth children with congenital problems although certain types of defects were more common. Similarly,women of normal weight with gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy,did not show an increase in the risk of having children with complex problems. The results of the study are based on a data of about 23 thousand women. These finding support observations made in other studies that suggest that obesity in type 2 diabetes pregnancy increase the risk of congenital problems.

Knowing 7 Alarm Signs Of Pregnancy

There are many symptoms that occur during pregnancy. These tend to vary in appearance, intensity and frequency in each of the quarters of pregnancy and, in turn,vary from one patient to another. there's Knowing 7 Alarm Signs Of Pregnancy you better read bellow...

Most of these symptoms, although they may be unpleasant, natural part of pregnancy and should not worry about it. However, there are certain symptoms that can not be ignored at all, on the contrary, should consult their doctor as soon as possible.

Alarm Signs Of Pregnancy

What are the alarming signs of pregnancy?

The alarming signs of pregnancy are some symptoms that come out of the ordinary and that may mean that it is presenting a problem during pregnancy. If you experience any of the symptoms below the name, you should go to your doctor immediately:

  • Pain or burning when going to the bathroom
Where, while you urinate, you feel pain or burning, you should consult your doctor.The burning during urination is a sign that there is an infection, so you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to control it.

  • Bleeding
At the beginning of the pregnancy, the mother may have a slight hemorrhage due to the implementation process, which consists of the adhesion of the nutfah to the wall of the uterus. Out of this, any bleeding that occurs during pregnancy, either mild or abundant, it is a sign of alarm. Consult your doctor immediately if this occurs in anyof the quarters.

  • Cramps in abdominal area
Although cramping is completely normal during pregnancy, if you have pain and abdominal cramps with frequency and/or intensity you should consult your doctor.

  • Hit or fall
A pregnant woman is prone to fall, where its center of gravity has moved because of the growth of the uterus. For this reason, it must be very careful to moving. it has suffered a fall or a blow to the abdominal area, you should go to doctor to check your baby are well.

  • Loss of amniotic fluid
During pregnancy, it is common that the mother leakage of urine, especially from second trimester of pregnancy. However, this is different from the loss of amniotic fluid, which is the one that is inside the amniotic sac that protects the baby. If you notice that it has released this fluid through your va*ina, check with your doctor immediately.

  • Fainting
During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is very common that the mother dizziness and nausea. However, if this symptom causes permanent dizziness or fainting, you should consult your doctor, especially if this symptom has persisted until the following months of pregnancy.

  • Vision problems
In case that your vision is cloud, see spots in front of your eyes or light flashes, you should consult your doctor.

How Sleep Position For Pregnant Women

How Sleep Positionr For Pregnant Women or best sleeping position during pregnancy

  • A warm bath or shower before bed can be useful.
  • Learn relaxation and breathing techniques also can help.
  • Avoid lying on your back (mouth ariba) for a long period of time.

Especially in the third quarter, it is important to sleep side preferably sleeping on your left side to allow better flow of blood to the uterus and the baby.

Drink plenty of fluids during the day, but reduce the intake of liquid before bed time,to avoid having to get up to urinate during the night.

To avoid heart burn at night, do not eating large amounts of acid foods e.g. tomato, spicyor fried foods. If the acidity is a problem, sleep with your head elevated on pillows can help reconcile the dream.

Exercise regularly to help you stay healthy, improve circulation and reduce leg cramps.

Mattresses and pillows for pregnant can help you to sleep better. Or use regular pillows that are comfortable for relaxing your body.
Once your baby, hours and a will be interrupted frequently, especially the nursing mother's dream is born.

Mothers who have babies who wake up frequently during the night, they should try to sleep or rest when their babies are napping.

It is important for health, safety, performance and vitality of the mother who sits and help share to the extent possible the baby care especially during the night.

Talk to your doctor if you found trouble sleeping or persistent insomnia.